What's new in Pro8.1?

Even though it’s only been a few months since Pro8.0 was released, we wanted to get some new features out there as soon as possible. As you are on a subscription, you get all the new features in Pro8.1 at no extra cost.

You can download it now!

Here’s an overview of what’s new.

Record Analysis

How do you capture your analysis to share with others who are not siting right next to you? The answer is you use Pro8.1’s new Record Analysis feature. It does simply that, it records everything to do on screen and say into your microphone and creates a new video from that. Then you can export that new video and share it with your clients.



You can now trim your video to focus on the section of video that is important to you. The In Point and Out Point are used to restrict playback to a section of the video. These trim points also work for dual playback and are obeyed when you export both single and dual screen layouts.


Color Correction

There is no substitute for good quality video but if you ended up with unsatisfactory videos the new Color Correction tool in Pro8.1 allows you to tweak the video to try and get a better image than the file you are stuck with.

Color Correction works for dual playback and is obeyed when you export both single and dual screen layouts.

Note that color correction cannot fix blurred video, you are stuck with that and next time you need to capture at a faster shutter speed.


Frame Rate Calculations

This is a feature for those using videos captured at a frame rate faster than the usual 50/60 frames per second. For example, some cameras capture at 100, 120, 240 frames per second. However, the files they create often report the playback rate at 50/60 frames per second and thereby play in slow motion. In Pro8.0 you could play the video at up to 4x the set speed and make a slow motion video look ‘normal’ but in Pro8.1 you can also change the frame rate setting so all your time and speed calculations will now be correct.


Smaller Improvements

XY tool

This is a great tool for teaching students about relative position. You get the X-Y position of each ‘dot’ you put on the screen. What’s more you can move the origin to look at relative changes.

 Recent folders link

This allows you to quickly and easily jump back to folders you have recently looked at.

Digital Certificate

SiliconCoach is now registered with Microsoft reducing the steps for installation. As we have got a Digital Certificate from Microsoft, you will not get as many “Are you sure” or “Do you trust this provider” questions when you install Pro8.

Bug fixes and playback enhancements

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