Synchronising Videos

It is highly unlikely that the action in your two videos will be occurring at exactly the same time. This means that the event you’re looking to analyse in video A might not be in sync with the same event in video B.

Pro8 gives you the opportunity to work around this and to synchronise your two videos.

This video gives you a demonstration of how it works.  Press the Play button to start.


Once you have 2 videos loaded, click on the A selector button to focus control on video A. Move this video to a key point.

Now click on the B selector button to focus control on video B and move this video to the same key point.

Click on the AB button to lock them back together and when they play, they will both hit that key point at the same time.

Note: You can only synch to one common point, other points in the videos may be out of sync.





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