What does Pro8 mean for Pro7?

Siliconcoach Pro7

Support With the release of Siliconcoach Pro8 (Pro8) the support of its predecessor software Pro7 will diminish over the coming months.

Continued Operation on Current Computer

Subject to the limitations stated within the End User License Agreement Pro7 will continue to operate on your current computer.

Updates and Bug Fixes

There will be no further updates or bug fixes for Pro7. If you have an issue the first line of support will be to update to the latest and last version of Pro7 (7.0.2). If that doesn’t solve your issue we will offer advice and if possible suggest a work-around for the issue. Should the issue still not be resolved you will need to upgrade to Pro8 to maintain access to Siliconcoach Video analysis capabilities.

License Transfers

We will continue to support the transfer of your Pro7 license to a different computer up until 1 June 2016. Beyond that, no license transfers will be able to be actioned.

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