Uploading Video to SC Live

We live in a connected world and Pro8 keeps you connected by teaming up with Siliconcoach (SC) Live to put your videos online and available to your clients wherever they are.

Siliconcoach Live is an online collaboration tool for anything video analysis related, in fact Siliconcoach (SC) Live even has analysis tools like Pro8.

This video gives you an overview of the upload process and the text below gives more information about getting hold of the free uploader.


To get your video online you will use our free uploader that runs outside Pro8. You can find the uploader option under File Manager.


If you do not have the uploader the option will change to Install Uploader and direct you to download it.


You will be directed to a download site where you need to download and then install the Desktop Uploader.

Note: To access SC Live you need an SC Live account which is included in your Pro8 package. If you don’t have one yet then please contact to get one sorted out for you.

Once you have the SC Live Uploader running you will load the videos one at a time as shown in the example below. There is no direct link between Pro8 and SC Live but it is coming.

That’s how to communicate your videos and analyses to your clients irrespective of time and location. 





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