Registering and Activating Pro8

Once installed, getting Pro8 working on your commuter is just a matter of Registering it and then using the trial period.

Note: It is important to note you need to be connected to the internet to complete this stage.

To Register you need to enter an email and name in the spaces provided as shown in the example image below.

Then click Register and providing:

  • you are connected to the internet,
  • those details have not been used before.
  • Pro8 has not been loaded on that machine before,

   the software will open in trial mode.

At some stage within the next 30 days you will need to purchase a full Activation from Siliconcoach.

Once you have purchased your activation, the crew at Siliconcoach will tell you your Activation is ready.

Then all you do is click the Activate button after starting the software and, providing you are connected to the internet, your software will be unlocked for use. 





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