How do I Register and then Activate Pro8?


Register and Activate Pro8


Getting your software to work is a 3 stage process:

  1. First you will install
  2. Then you must Register yourself as a user.
  3. Then after the trial expires you must Activate the software.


If the software is not already on the computer, install it from the downloaded file. 

Now start the application from the icon on the desktop. 

Note: You will have probably downloaded the installation from a link sent to you by Siliconcoach or from the Pro8 Update website.  You must double click on this downloaded installer file to actually install the software. 



Make sure you are connected to the Internet.  Test by going to .

Please complete the required details and note down the email address you enter as part of this process.

Important: As part of the purchase process you will need to advise of this email address as it is against this email address that we create an “Activation Credit” for your Pro8 software. 

You cannot change the email at a later date.

Press the Next button to register


Once the 30 day trial period has expired you need to Activate the software before you can use it for a year.

Provided you have sent Siliconcoach your payment and notified them of your email address, and they have responded to you, all you need do is press the Activate button.

The software will check your authorisation on our web server and if it is cleared your software will be ready to use.

Note: The software regularly checks back with the server for validity and updates. You should connect to the internet at least once per month while the application is running for this process to complete.



Why is my software telling me I need to connect to the internet to keep working?

Pro8 works on subscription model so the software needs to check back to the server to make sure it is allowed to keep running on that machine.  After 28 days if it can’t connect to the internet it will give you 7 days warning then stop working.  Assuming you have made all payments and are allowed to keep using the software you just need to connect it to the internet and it will start working again If you are always connected to the internet this process is going on behind the scenes without disturbing you.  Contact if you have any issues or questions.

 What happens if sell my PC without notifying Siliconcoach?

If you fail to notify Siliconcoach and give them a chance to remove your license for re-use on your new PC, then you will need to purchase a new license as we have no way of recovering the license off the old PC once it has left your control.  Contact before selling your computer.

 What happens if my PC is stolen?

The expectation is that your insurance will cover the replacement cost and you will purchase the software again. Upon notification of loss, we will block your old activation and issue a new one when you purchase again.

 What happens if my Hard Drive crashes?

In the case that your hard drive information cannot be recovered we reserve the right to ask you to run diagnostic software on the PC to confirm that it is the same system.

 Can I move my license between computers?

Not at this time.  We are using a new registration system and it does not allow the user to move the license themselves.  If you need to move you license you will need to contact .  

 What if I use Ghost or similar to image my PC and end up wiping my license because of a re-format?

If you choose to image your PC then you must contact before doing so. Deactivation-Activation is very fast and simple. Failure to return your license to Siliconcoach may result in you having to purchase a new license.




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