Is everything in Pro 7 included in Pro 8?

No. We have reviewed feedback over many years and we have greatly simplified the process of capturing and loading videos for analysis. Please work through the Getting Started tutorials at especially the one that shows how to do some of the old tasks done in Pro 7 in Pro 8.

In summary, the 2 main features Pro 8 does not have are:

  • The spreadsheet. This was used to collect the X,Y coordinates of measures on the screen. Pro 8 will give you the X,Y coordinates, just not put them in a spreadsheet. More of this digitizing type work is being taken up by SC Live.
  • The Presentation concept where you made a list of screens like a PowerPoint presentation. We now have a more flexible analysis so you just drag and drop videos in on the fly without having to compile a structured presentation like in Pro 7.
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